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1. Don’t eat too much ice-cream. You will have a s_______________.

2. R________ your hand if you know the right answer.


3. You don’t need to take a taxi. It’s not far and you can go there on f__________.

4. We can’t solve the problem by o__________, and let’s ask the teacher for help.

5. Don’t take r__________, you’d better think it over, then decide what you should do.

6. We usually can have a ten-minute b__________ during two classes.

7. We must come to a d____________ about what to do next by tomorrow.

8. I don’t understand what she m__________. Can you explain it to me?

9. Modern songs these days usually are about the i_____________ of money and success.

10. You can use the k__________ to cut the paper, boys and girls.

11. When the driver finally got to the park, all the p__________ got off the bus.

12. I felt very tired so I l__________ on the sofa all day this Sunday.

13. Suddenly, a ball h________ me on the head and I fell on the ground.

14. She has r__________ out of her pocket money so she has to do housework to make money.

15. The climber found himself in a very dangerous s____________ when climbing in Utah.

16. You should pay more attention to the traffic s__________ along the road while driving.

17. Sometimes we feel l________ even though there are lots of people around.

18. John is now much taller and s_________ than he used to be.

19. We all felt tired after the long j__________. We needed to have a good rest.

20. I’ve already r__________ the broken machine, you can use it now.

21. Can you i_________ what the future will be like if we have no mobile phones?

22. He turned a d_________ ear to all the advice, so nobody wanted to help him.

23. The children were e__________ about opening their birthday presents.

24. The shop is o__________ till 8:00 p.m.

25. Jack is the c_________ student I know. He always gets good grades.

26. It is my duty to take out the r____________ every morning.

27. -Can I borrow your bike? -Sorry, I l_________ it to Joe yesterday.

28. The little boy d________ off his bike, but luckily he wasn’t hurt.

29. My mom cannot stand my bedroom which is a terrible m___________.

30. He t___________ down his bag and began to work .

31. I cut one of my f___________ so I cannot play the piano.

32. China is one of the m____________ of the WTO.

33. It is not f__________ to ask him to do all the work alone.

34. English isn’t difficult, n_________ is Chinese.You just need to put your heart into it.

35. Sandy h________ being laughed at by others.

36. Whether we can go camping tomorrow d____________ on the weather.

37. When your parents get into fight, you should o___________ to help.

38. It is a w___________ of time to worry about grades without trying hard.

39. Parents always spend both time and money p____________ a better environment for their kids.

40. It is necessary for students to d________ a good study habit.

41. Many teenagers have trouble in c____________ with their parents.

42. He didn’t take a trip. I____________, he stayed at home watching TV.

43. In some families, competition starts very young and c____________ until the kids get older.

44. Qipao is a kind of t____________ Chinese clothes.

45. Would you mind him e___________ the meaning to you again?

46. Keeping c___________ yourself with others is not good for you.

47. Lucy should p__________ herself a little hard so as to get good grades.

48. You can find w__________ you want in this shop.

49. In my view, the most p___________ way is to talk about your feelings with your parents.

50. Standing in front all of the classmates, she feels too n_________ to say a word.

51. Kate didn’t think her friend was telling the t__________ about the event.

52. Read the p___________ quickly and tell me the main idea.

53. I haven’t done anything interesting r___________.

54. The worker was so tired that he f________ asleep quickly.

55. Heat will play a__________ Rockets in the NBA match today. Are you looking forward to it.

56. I was thinking over the difficult question, and s___________ the door bell rang.

57. He watched the smoke r__________ from his cigarette.

58. The fire was d_________ down at around 5:00a.m.

59. The strong w__________ blew away my hat, and I couldn’t find it.

60. When Robinson left home alone to sail across the ocean, he r___________ how important his family was.




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Git 进阶(合并与变基)
Git 进阶(合并与变基)


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Git学习笔记 003 Git进阶功能 part5 合并(第一部分)


非标题党,三张图帮你理解git merge和git rebase的区别
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git 初次使用(01)


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